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In today’s world, effective Rat Control has never been more crucial. Rodents, especially rats and mice, pose significant threats to our homes and businesses, causing structural damage and spreading diseases that could harm our health.

These pests are increasingly prevalent in urban and suburban areas, making cities like Memphis, Springhill, Columbus, and Aberdeen particularly vulnerable. As such, engaging the services of a reliable rat exterminator becomes an essential step toward ensuring the safety and comfort of your property.

James Pest Management, Inc. is your go-to expert for rodent control services in these locations. A family-owned business with a rich heritage dating back to 1941, we have an unrivaled depth of knowledge and expertise in the field. Over the decades, we’ve evolved our strategies and methodologies, adopting humane, eco-friendly practices without compromising effectiveness.

With our team of certified technicians, we provide complete solutions that cover everything from identification and extermination to preventative measures and follow-ups. Choosing James Pest Management, Inc. means opting for quality, experience, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.


Besides being tough to control, rodents may carry diseases and taint food with waste, fur, and saliva. Mice can contaminate about 10 times the amount of food they eat. The CDC links some rodents to Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, a disease fatal in about 36 percent of all reported U.S. cases.

The pests are also hosts for fleas, which can spread plague and diseases like lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus. This illness mostly affects those with weakened immune systems and may result in headaches, fever, and meningitis. It can also cause complications during pregnancy.

It is not advisable to handle any wild rodent. They are equipped with large teeth and can transmit various bacteria, viruses, and diseases through their saliva, feces, and urine.

If you locate a rodent within your home, contacting a pest management professional for removal and identification is best. The presence of one rodent within a home could signal an infestation.


Rodents are warm-blooded mammals that, like humans, can be found throughout the world. They have big front teeth for gnawing and check teeth adapted for chewing. Rodents chew on various available items and cause significant damage in and around homes.

Our Comprehensive Rat Control Services

At James Pest Management, Inc., our rat control services are meticulous and thorough. We’ve built a systematic approach over our 80 years in the pest control industry that ensures maximum effectiveness while minimizing disruption to your day-to-day activities.

Initial Consultation and Inspection

Our rodent control services begin with a detailed consultation. We listen to your concerns and gather information about your rodent issues. Following the consultation, our certified technicians conduct an in-depth inspection of your property.

During this inspection, we:

  • Thoroughly inspect your property’s interior and exterior, looking for signs of rodent activity.
  • Identify potential entry points and areas of damage caused by the rodents.
  • Determine the type of rodent species involved to tailor the treatment plan accurately.

Infestation Assessment

After the initial inspection, our team assesses the size and extent of the infestation. We consider factors like

  • The number of rodents observed or captured.
  • The amount and spread of droppings or other signs of rodent activity.
  • Any reported incidents of sightings or noises.

Customized Rodent Control Plan

Following the infestation assessment, we develop a tailored rodent control plan to address your situation. This plan involves:

  • Identifying the most effective rodent control methods for your infestation, such as traps, baits, or repellents.
  • Formulating a schedule for implementation, including immediate treatment and ongoing maintenance.
  • Providing you with recommendations on how to prevent future infestations.

We combine our extensive industry experience with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction to deliver superior rat control services in Memphis, Springhill, Columbus, and Aberdeen. Choose us as your rat exterminator and enjoy a rodent-free environment.

types of RODENTS


Prevention methods should be implemented early to maintain a rodent-free home. Rodents reproduce rapidly, and small populations become full-blown infestations in very little time.

Food storage
Keep any possible food sources away from rodents. Small crumbs and garbage are popular sources of infestation, as are dry goods such as grains and cereals. These should be kept in sealed metal or glass containers to prevent contamination. Fruits and vegetables should also be stored properly, and waste should never be left in sinks or counters.

Cardboard objects prove attractive to rodents, as they tend to chew them up for use in their nests.

Seal openings
Because of the rodents’ body plan, they are capable of squeezing through spaces. that appears to be much too small for them. All such holes should be sealed to prevent entry and reentry of rodents.

A pest control professional should be contacted for assistance.

how do i get rid of RODENTs?

Our technicians are trained to help manage rodents and similar pests. Since every building or home is different, your James Pest Rodent Exterminator will design a unique program for your situation.

Keeping rodents out of homes and structures is an ongoing process, not a one-time treatment. James Pest Management’s integrated pest management solution is a cycle of three critical steps — Assessment, Treatment, and Maintenance.

James Pest Management can provide the right solution to control rats in their place…out of your home or business.

Please message us for other pest-related services like stinging insects or mosquitos, please send us a message.

The Best Mice Exterminator in Town: Why Choose James Pest Management, Inc.

At James Pest Management, Inc., our mice exterminator services go beyond temporary solutions. We have a holistic approach to rodent control that involves preventive measures to ensure the issue doesn’t reoccur. We’re not just rat exterminators; we’re your partner in maintaining a safe and healthy living or working environment.

  • Customizable Plans: We provide tailored solutions that match each client’s unique needs.
  • Certified Technicians: Our team comprises trained and certified technicians who uphold the highest service standards.
  • Guaranteed Results: We’re confident in our services and back this confidence with a results guarantee.
  • Family Owned and Operated: We are a family owned business deeply committed to our communities in Memphis, Springhill, Columbus, and Aberdeen.
  • Free Same-Day Estimates: We understand the urgency of rodent control, so we provide free same-day estimates to kickstart the process swiftly.
  • 80 Years of Experience: Our longevity in the industry is a testament to the quality of our services and the trust we’ve earned from our clients.

Frequently asked questions

Rodent Pest Control will vary due to the species of rodent and, consequently, the control measures needed. Determining a rodent control program based on your specific situation has a direct cost factor.

Use exclusion and sanitation tactics to get rid of rodents in a safe and cost-effective way. The most effective long-term solution is to keep rodents out in the first place. Measures such as sealing entry points prevent rodents from entering buildings and help you avoid a full-scale invasion.

Rodents thrive across the world in almost any habitat with access to food and water. Because of their small size, they can be difficult to keep out of a home. Rats can get indoors through holes the size of a quarter, while mice can use gaps the size of a dime to come inside.

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