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Mosquitos are not just annoying they are also some of the most dangerous parasites in the world. Mosquitoes are attracted by pools of stagnant water and certain climatic conditions. Swampy areas and bushes are very good for mosquito breeding.

Importance of Mosquito Pest Control

Mosquito control should be taken seriously because the bite of a female mosquito can cause deadly diseases like malaria, yellow fever and encephalitis. They also west Nile and Zika virus which can be devastating if untreated. Though not all mosquitoes are deadly, it’s true that everyone is allergic to mosquito bites. These pests cause itchy red bumps.

Mosquito control outdoor tips

Since mosquitoes breed and thrive in stagnant water and bushes, ensuring there is no water standing by outside is the first step. Cover the swimming pool when not in use, tip over any empty basins or containers that contain water. Gutters should redirect water from pooling on the lawns. Ensure all bushes are cut short and mow the lawn to a short length regularly. Get rid of any unused items in the yard such as old buckets and tires and treat the yard with insect repellent every six months. These mosquito control outdoor tips will prevent mosquitoes from multiplying.

Mosquito control in-house tips

Getting rid of all mosquitos outside our homes can be hard. Because of this, it is easier to use mosquito control in house tips to keep your family safe. The products involved include insecticide spray, mosquito traps and insect repellants in be form of candlesticks and oil.

Professional mosquito control

Mosquito infestations might require a professional exterminator to get rid of the problem. We know exactly how to remove every mosquito and their eggs from any environment be it inside or out. We also use safe environmental friendly chemicals that won’t adversely affect people.

Best mosquito control in the Midsouth

Mosquitos and other bugs are very common in Memphis because of the warm weather and big water bodies. James Pest Management is experienced in getting rid of mosquitos and their eggs in homes and commercial buildings. We provide barrier sprays to avoid mosquitos from infiltrating buildings or private land and use a misting system to kill those that are already there.

Our services include indoor and outdoor solutions and sprays for outdoor events such as weddings and parties. This is all done in a professional manner, avoiding harm and contamination.100% satisfaction is guaranteed and our technicians are available any day without notice or contract. Give us a call today for more information.


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