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Are you looking to get anti-termite treatments done in your home or office? If yes, then the first thing you must do is spot the parts of the building that have been subject to termite invasion. If you want the job of detection done impeccably, you must hire a company that offers termite detection K-9 (canine) services.

How getting the wrong canine termite control services can harm you?

You may face a number of problems if you end up hiring the wrong company for carrying out canine termite detection. The most alarming one among them is not getting the right dogs for performing the job. Canines representing such companies often lack proper training and certifications.

Dogs do have inherent detection powers, but they need to be trained professionally for detecting termites. It’s true even without training, a dog would manage to spot a few places affected by termites, but will most likely not manage to spot everything. If not trained adequately, dogs usually fail to detect termites in uncluttered, clean places.

The next issue you might face is that the dogs doing the job for you don’t belong to breeds that are known for having the best detection skills. Some service providers opt for such dogs primarily to reduce expenses.

Such an approach often leave termites undetected in several parts of the building. If this happens to you, it will slow the process of eliminate termites permanently in spite of using the best anti-termite treatments.

Our termite detection dogs will never disappoint you

The termite detection dogs representing James Pest Management will not fail to spot termites irrespective of their location. Additionally, all the dogs working with us belong to breeds that are best known for their smelling and detecting abilities.This allows for treatment before the problem starts spreading or causes structural damage. The termite dogs representing J.P.M. are specially trained at finding termites through concrete blocks, floors, and walls.

How accurate are termite detection dogs?

When it comes to termite detection, properly trained dogs can do the job 2 to 3 times more accurately than trained human inspectors. Even the most experienced and skilled termite inspector will not be able to see through concrete and walls. Dogs, however, can smell through them easily, and as a result, they can spot termites even if the bugs are hidden inside walls or under the concrete.

What are the steps of the K-9 termite inspection procedure?

These inspections are always conducted without any leash (the technical term used for this is off-lead) so that the K-9s can search all corners of the facility without any hindrance. The moment a dog detects the scent of termites, it would signal the handler. Usually our dogs lie or sit down to let our handlers know about their detection. Our dogs are always trained for signaling handlers using a passive behavior like lying or sitting instead of barking. Once signaled, our handler carries out a visual inspection of the suspected zone for confirming the alert. The canine is then rewarded; usually with a toy ball!

What should one do after k-9 inspection?

The next step of K-9 termite detection is, of course, anti-termite treatment. The handlers will tell you what kind of treatment would be ideal for your facility. The treatment should be done as quickly as possible to prevent the termite from spreading.

The termite detection canines representing James Pest Management are some of the most skilled detection dogs you will ever come across. If you want to use them for saving your home from termites, call us immediately.


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