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Termites are very dangerous organisms as far as wooden structures are concerned. They are known to attack wooden structures from within their inner walls. Due to their strategic attacks, the effects of termites which are very detrimental can hardly be noticed. Within no time, whole structures can collapse if termite treatment is not done in time.

What are the signs that you need termite control services?

Late notice of a termite raid might cause severe adverse effects and consequent bring about loss of property and waste of resources. It is important for people to be aware of the typical indications that show wooden structures are being attacked by termites. Readers should be aware of the following three signs:
  • Hollow wood: By use of an object such as screwdriver handle, you can tap on the wooden surface mostly along the windowsills, boards and wooden walls. An affected area will sound unfilled. If the effect is intense, the surface may break upon tapping on it. Some termites can also be seen if the attack is still active.
  • Mud tubes: The mud tubes play habitat for termites. People should spy on the formation of such mud tubes which are about the same size as that of an ordinary drinking straw. These mud tubes are mostly found along cracks, chimneys, baseboards, plumbing beneath flooring and other fixtures.
  • Dead or alive termites: People should start taking preventive measure if they observe winged termites since they are the first indication of a subterranean termite infestation. A swarm of termites can also be seen around lighting bulbs. Working termites which are the most destructive are usually light colored and vanish when exposed to light. People should also be aware of dead termites or wings of flying termites as a sign of termite infestation even if they don’t notice live termites.

How much damage can termites do?

It is estimated that termite infestations have caused billions of dollars in property destruction and repair fees. It is true that termites can do more harm to homes than tornadoes, floods, and even fires. More than four million properties are at risk of termite attacks every year. Termite control measures should be taken as soon as one notices any signs of infestation.

What treatment methods and products are most effective?

People are often confused by which treatment approaches and products to use. It is important to know that several effective options are available to be used in termite control. The option to be used depends on the type of termites infesting the house or the yard. An individual should seek professional termite inspection services to know what treatment plans and methods will be suitable to save the situation.

How do I choose a termite company?

Before selecting a termite company, it is advisable for a person to do thorough research. Dependable termite companies also offer a warranty to their clients to ensure successful eradication of termites within their appointed contracts.

Is termite treatment safe for people and pets in the house or do we have to leave?

Termite chemicals are quite friendly since they are usually applied to the soil, unlike other pesticides which are usually sprayed around the house. It is important for you and your family, especially children and pregnant mothers to leave the premises when these chemicals are being applied. The house should be aired out for at least 2 hours after the treatment to ensure maximum safety.

How many times a year should I have my house treated for termites?

Treatments should be carried out depending on the intensity of infestation. Monthly treatments are recommended in the worst situations. If the infestation is not severe and the area is not prone to termites, it is advisable to carry out procedures every four months.

Bearing in mind the enormous losses termites can cause to properties, it is important for people to take necessary control measures as soon as they notice any sign of termite infestation. Effective prevention and control measures can save you severe losses.

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