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Roach Exterminator in Memphis TN

Roaches are very resilient and highly productive so it’s very hard to get rid of them. They carry an endless list of bacteria and human pathogens that can cause diseases. Once they come into contact with food, they are likely to cause dysentery and food poisoning.

Hire A Professional Roach Exterminator

Roach control is vital as soon as you spot one around. This is because they multiply very fast, laying as many as 40 eggs per capsule. It’s also very embarrassing when people see roaches running around your premises as they are associated with dirt.

Safe roach control

Safe roach control begins with reducing the places the pests are likely to hide and reproduce. Apart from keeping a very clean house and environment, all food items should be stored in covered containers or refrigerated. Garbage should be kept in covered containers and any food spillages must be cleaned up immediately. Get rid of any piles of magazines, newspapers, books paper bags and any other trash around the house. Vacuum any cracks and crevices regularly and get rid of firewood or lumber stacked outside.

How do you treat for cockroaches?

Set up glue boards and traps for roaches that crawl at night. You can also apply coffee grounds in their entry areas and pathways to kill or repel the roaches. However, ensure you do this safely to avoid contaminating your own food.

Why should I hire a professional pest management company?

Professionals are trained and experienced in handling pests that are out of control. They know how to handle the chemicals safely and where to apply them. They also have high tech equipment to get rid of roaches permanently.

How long does it take to get rid of cockroaches?

Our professionals are able to do a thorough job efficiently, sometimes the process may need  repeating in which case it could take a little longer otherwise exterminating cockroaches normally takes only half a day.

Do I have to empty my cupboards before the interior of my house is sprayed or treated?

It’s important to empty cupboard and wardrobes to ensure every corner is treated and avoid contamination.

Best roach exterminator

James Pest Management is the best roach exterminator in Memphis TN. Cockroaches are a big problem in this area because of the warm climate and congested households. With many years of experience in pest control, our technicians get rid of those roaches cleanly and efficiently. We use environmental friendly chemicals and equipment to eliminate these pests ensuring that you are able to go back to the premises right after the job.

As proud members of the National Pest Control Association, our technicians are certified and insured to take care of every pest related issue at affordable prices. We leave your house clean and we know how to avoid causing any damage to the walls, furniture and floors.

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