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Termites are known to be very destructive which can cost people massive losses in property destruction and repair fees. It is necessary for real estate pest inspections to be carried out occasionally to ensure maximum security on mortgages. No one wants to buy an infested property which will be brought down by termites. A real estate pest inspection is important during the transfer of settlement assets from one owner to another.

The NPMA-33 is a standard report form used in many states for the purpose of real estate transfers. The form entails pest inspection and treatment instructions.

Another form which is part of the NPMA-33 known as NPMA-33 (“SG”) accompanies the NPMA-33 form. The purpose of the “SG” form is to outline instructions for finalizing termite inspection.

Why is a termite inspection for home purchase, the NPMA-33, required?

Real estate termite inspection are necessary since either of the parties involved in the transaction must want it to be done. The buyer or even the mortgage company will require a pest report real estate before the sale is finalized. It is a state requirement for termite inspections to be done on the real estate before it is transferred from one owner to the other. It is important to note that termite infestation can occur at any time even after the treatment is done. The treatment is therefore not a permanent measure.

Is an inspection by a licensed pest control company required?

Laws regarding the inspection vary from state to state. However, if the buyer of the property is borrowing money to acquire the property, the lender will need a pest control report. A licensed pest control worker is required to inspect the property and file a report according to the state law requirements. The report is essential to the lender for HUD conformity. People should seek inspection services of James Pest Management, we are well skilled and licensed to handle the inspection.

What structures are to be inspected?

Inspection is usually done only to accessible structures. Those structures which are obscured by heavy objects cannot be inspected since it is not the responsibility of the inspector to move obstacles during the inspection. The party who contacts the pest inspection company is the one to state the structures to be inspected.

What does “visual inspection of the readily accessible areas mean?

It means that the NPMA-33 inspection is only applicable to visual inspection and that the inspection only applies to areas which can be easily reached during the inspection time. For the area to be inspected, it must be accessible without obstructions.

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Individuals involved in real estate transactions should make sure that the real estate pest inspection is done before finalizing the transaction. Pest inspection is essential to ensure safe real estate transactions, and it is also a state law requirement. The best solution for efficient real estate pest inspections is James Pest Management. Our company has qualified operators who are licensed to carry out real estate pest inspections. Email or call us today!


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