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People tend to overlook your establishment’s positive qualities. You might do everything right, and they won’t notice it. Now, make one single mistake and it will draw the attention of 90% of your customers. They will make sure to spread the news like a plague!

Rumors require no solid proof and they tend to spread like wildfire. Just one single issue can spawn a wave of rumors that might permanently damage your reputation.

One single cockroach or mosquito, found in your restaurant, might be that fire starter. Customers don’t care if that cockroach came to your establishment by accident. They won’t go to your kitchen to perform a bacterial analysis of the meals you cook. They don’t care if your personnel follow all the hygiene guidelines. Instead, they will probably leave right away and start spreading negative rumors about your restaurant.

That’s the reason why you need to have a solid restaurant pest control system running. You need something more than a couple of expensive pest control products and mice traps. The  best way to obtain complete pest protection is by delegating the job to professionals.

We’ve been in the business since 1941, and we know exactly how to exterminate and prevent any kind of pests. We’re in touch with the latest technologies and our team is composed of licensed professionals. We’ve worked with thousands of customers and we’ve seen it all. With us, you can be sure that mice and insects will stay away from your establishment.

There are many laws concerning the kind of products and traps that are allowed to be used in food establishments. We use strictly the procedures, traps and chemicals that are allowed by the law. Our methods are both harmless for people and ambient-friendly.


- How do I know that I need pest control at my facility?

Restaurants attract pests like a magnet attracts metal. Rodents and insects strive to live in warm places with plenty of food. No wonder why restaurants are their main target. Even if your place might look clean and safe, mice and insects are adept at finding a way in. They will exploit any weaknesses to achieve entry. For instance, mice can squeeze into a 1/4" hole, while cockroaches can use literally any crack in the wall or tiles. You might not be aware of pest presence in your establishment until it’s too late. Hence, it’s always a good idea to have your establishment checked by a pest control specialist regularly.

- Who can bring me the pest control solutions?

Some pest treatment product manufacturers claim to sell products that can be used by anyone. There is a growing DIY tendency which brings many side effects. For instance, in the US, an average of 7 food establishments is closed every day because their pest control measures violate the regulations. We strongly recommend you to avoid that popular tendency and hire a licensed and certified pest control company.

- Should I apply pest treatment at my food establishment?

Pest treatment needs to be applied regularly at any food establishment. Following some basic hygiene guidelines is important, but not enough. Having your establishment checked by a pest control specialist regularly is a must. Also, using pest control products on your own might be ineffective, unsafe and against label directions.

- How long do I need to keep my treatment records? It’s always recommended to maintain the records for two years or more. During that period, they need to be available for review by the health district. In brief, those little rodents, cockroaches and mosquitoes can bring many problems. They carry diseases and parasites and scare away customers. Our company is here to bring you a definitive solution. Say goodbye to those little pests once and for all. We’re here to help. Contact us for a free quote today!

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