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Hospital Pest Control in Memphis TN
The Mid-South is home to a number of companies offering hospital pest control services. However, not all of them are competent enough to do the job to the standard required for hospitals. This makes the task of picking a pest control service for hospitals extremely risky. The worst thing is that failure in picking the right pest control service, can not only lead to a massive waste of money but can also have lethal consequences.

What are the ill effects of hiring the wrong hospital pest control services?

If you hire an incompetent service provider, you are actually leaving everyone present in the facility including patients, their family members (if present at the hospital), health care providers and other members of staff working at the hospital at risk of getting exposed to toxic substances. There are many repellents, baits and pesticides that are harmful to the environment, children, pets and even adults, particularly if those products are mishandled, touched or ingested.

Another common problem that can happen is failing to identify the cause of an infestation. As a result, jobs completed might not bring in the desired results. You might see the insects coming back within months, weeks or even days.

What’s the best way out?

With us, you will never need to face any of the issues mentioned above. James Pest Management always uses environment-friendly substances. They are definitely toxic to the insects, but are never harmful to humans. In addition, all our hospital pest control workers are capable of handling and applying the repellants, baits and pesticides flawlessly.
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We always begin by finding the root of the invasion before initiating our pest control program. This allows us to provide long-term solutions., warranties are given and we also sign damage repair contracts. In spite of using environment-friendly products, we make sure that the space treated by us is duly cleaned once the job is over. In short, we never shy away from offering our clients all-inclusive services.


  1. My current service provider is spraying my property, but the bugs are coming back. What is the problem?

    Effective and efficient pest control doesn’t end with application of pesticides. To eliminate the pest issue permanently, it’s important to inspect the facility thoroughly in order to recognize the pest correctly, spot it's harborage areas and determine its potential entry points. If the entry points are not sealed properly, the bugs will keep coming back almost certainly. Improper application of pesticides can also be responsible for return of the bugs.
  1. What does the term “Hospital Grade” refer to?

    When it comes to fumigation & pest control, hospitals have much stricter guidelines to follow. It’s because they cannot leave patients’ health at risk by using toxic chemicals.  Pesticides tagged as “Hospital Grade” are safe for being used in medical facilities and hospitals.
  1. What should I look for in a pest control provider?

    The pest control service provider you hire should have:

    • A good reputation
    • significant knowledge about hospitals and the kind of challenges hospitals may face during pest control
    • proper training
    • required licenses
    • guaranteed service
    • enough financial backing to support the guarantee
    • employees who have passed security screening
    • in depth knowledge about regulatory issues faced by hospital owners regarding sanitation and pest control
  1. How do I know if the materials that a pest control operator is using are not harmful?

    Hire the services of a reputable, well-trained and licensed company to make sure that the materials used by pest control operators are not toxic or harmful.

Now, you know how to eliminate bugs from hospitals permanently. If you are in need of our services email or call us today.

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