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There are many potential hazards when facing ant infestations, the most common problem are ant stings and spoiling of left out food. Some ant species have been known to gather inside electric appliances and cause short circuits. In a worst case scenario if an ant colony is allowed to form underneath a building for a long period of time, the insects might end up weakening the foundation of the building by removing dirt and soil.

The next issue you face is getting the the right company, mishandling in any way can lead to extremely harmful consequences.

Where Can One Get the Most Comprehensive Ant Exterminator?

If you are looking for an environment-friendly ant control firm, you shouldn’t look beyond James Pest Management. We have more than 70 years of experience in this field. The highly trained and fully certified workers representing our company have seen it all over the years.. If you hire us to eradicate ants, it's our pledge to resolve your infestation issues once and for all. Our workers never fail to find the root causes and deal with every scenario ant colonies present.

How will you identify an ant infestation?

If you see a large number of live ants moving around in your facility or home, there’s probably an ant infestation. If live ants are found in the kitchen or in parts of the facility where you store or prepare food, you must take steps to get rid of the problem as fast as possible. Nests of these insects usually look like small piles of dirt or soil. However, there are some ant species that prefer making homes in quiet and dark places that are not easy to spot.

Are ants harmful to humans?

There are some ants that can give extremely painful stings. Species like the garden ant, on the other hand, boast swarming features that may contaminate food.

How can I get rid of the ants?

It’s true that the market is filled with DIY products for ant removal however, often the problem cannot be solved without professional intervention.

What should I do to prevent ants from entering my home/premise?

Ants mostly enter homes and offices in search of food. These insects are primarily attracted to sticky substances and sweets. To prevent ants from entering your home/premise, you must clean up all liquid and food spillages immediately and keep all stored food items properly covered. Additionally, you should seal cracks on walls, floor, crevices on window and door frames and other such potential access points. Our highly trained professionals will guide you after treatment to prevent further infestations.

Will an anti-termite treatment also remove ants?

No, it will not. Ants are as common in facilities affected by termites as termite-free facilities.

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